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ZiBo JinGong advertisement equipment Ltd. is that the exploitation one being engaged in advertisement equipment specially produces , sells the company who extends , makes the comprehensiveness processing for an integral whole , we believe in "to conduct self first, the queen does business " "discussing the purpose being humanity " , the principle abiding by "people oriented; people foremost , the new idea in science and technology " , I wishes the friend goes forward hand in hand with extensive advertisement boundary , the marketplace atmosphere building sincere message commonly, monopolizes the pincers head , lets you soar in competing for the fierce marketplace unexpectedly.

Our host product has: Full-automatic high speed banner machine , carves chapter machine , numerical control fever rotates seal banner machine , lettering machine , carving machine , portrait machine , printing machine , Cold paste up machine. Sell advertising material having: Portrait material , fever rotates seal scroll material , full-automatic scroll material , the material carving material , the chapter show equipment and material as well as various. The project advertisement is made has: Design , printing , billboard fabrication the scroll being made , carving fabrication , Draw a portrait gushing drawing, the billboard makes website.

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    Company: Zibo JinGong Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd. AD Equipment Tel :0533-3141934,3141943
    Ad Design Tel :0533-3141439, 13354419413 Ad Material Tel:0533-3141349 18678119334 18678111494
    Address: Zhangdian District of Zibo City, 68-6 # 2 Road West (south gate of the YINZUOJIAJU)